Continuum Concepts

Test post. Posty post post.

Dark Mode Support

If your Windows, Mac, or Linux (Ubuntu for example) OS is set to a "Dark" theme, then this blog should auto-detect that, and give you my dark theme here.

Testing. Does Html look right?

I am testing the ability to do basic html. Haha! Content!

Html or Markdown?

I went back and forth with how I wanted to handle content and keep it simple. At first I thought I would store markdown in the database, but now I'm just thinking regular old html because I want the flexibility. When I add comment support, I will allow markdown in there for sure.

Syntax highlighting

I also have some code highlighting support via highlight.js. If you have JavaScript, it'll highlight the code in these posts. If you don't have JavaScript, you still see the code properly formatted, just not highlighted.
void Main()
    // only visible if this got escaped correctly: <secret!>
    foreach (var result in Enumerable
        .Range(1, 10)
        .Select(x => Factorial(x)))

public decimal Factorial(int x) => 
    x == 1 
        ? x 
        : x * Factorial(x-1);