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On YouTube, press the 1-9 keys to jump directly to 10%, 90%, or anywhere in between!

Seek to 10-90% on a YouTube Video

While viewing a YouTube video in your desktop or laptop browser, press the 1 key to seek directly to 10%. Press the 2 key to seek directly to 20%, and so on, up to 90%! Pressing zero takes you to the beginning.

Select Seek-Related Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function
j Seek back 10 sec
l Seek forward 10 sec
Left Arrow Seek back 5 sec
Right Arrow Seek forward 5sec
, Seek back one frame (while paused)
. Seek forward one frame (while paused)

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working?

Make sure:

Looking for More?

As of June 2023, Google documents all the shortcuts on this page.