About Us (er... Me)

Continuum Concepts, LLC is Christopher Abichandani. I'm a web application developer, and for the past ten years I've been specializing in Microsoft Technologies such as ASP.NET and SQL Server. I also do design work, so I'll make sure your web application looks great. I offer several services:

For Businesses:

  • Web application development, enhancement, maintenance
  • Content management
  • Domains, web hosting, email, SSL
  • Data consolidation, database design and support
  • Server construction, upgrades, security, virtualization
  • Pricing is generally $120/hr or negotiated per project

For Web Designers:

  • Password-protect certain pages, files, or groups of pages and files
  • Make pages editable
  • Create an upload area
  • Generate reports on logins, content edits, and files uploaded
  • Complete portal systems
  • Pricing is generally $120/hr or negotiated per project

For Anyone:

I'm a resourceful developer, but also part of a network of software design professionals. I challenge you to present a technical problem that I can't solve. From application design and development, to server virtualization and maintenance, I have the right tools to solve your problem.